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Azienda Agricola, Capra Contenta, Cresmino, CH-6654 Cavigliano

Our products
All our products are sold fresh in our little self-service shop at the winter-farm. It is possible to order fresh meat during the slaughtery-season.

The traditional cheese of Tessin
A mild to spicy hard cheese made of rough milk, matured in the old basement.
creamy cheese "büscion"
A soft creamy cheese made of well tempered milk tastes well pure or in variations!
meat and sausages:
Our articles of meat and sausages are made of happy and healthy animals which were raised with an huge amount of love. You may buy the meat of young goats, older goats, pigs as well as sausages and ham.
Housemade Pesto & Vino di Noce
Pesto and Nuts-Liqueur made with fresh ingredients in pure handwork.

Goat skins
Soft beautiful skins in various colors and largenesses worked and tanned with cure.

Our products are only sold in their season because we live and produce in the rythm of the nature