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The goat cream cheese - "büscion"

"büscion" means in tessino dialect "cone" and the cheese got this name because of it's form.

When we make cream cheese we work with tempered milk. This means, that the milk is tempered first up to 65°C and then cooled down relatively quick with cold water which we put between the double-wanded boiler. Then we add some ingedients and wait 24 hours till it's a little matured. After that time we put it into sacks to dry a little bit and then we salt it and pack it into packets of 100g.
This is what happens to our cheese before it's sold in our little shop down in the valley.

A traditional cream cheese of this region
It tastes very well as it is on bread or in countless variations.

Our advice:

a sweet cheese-cake made of büscion-cheese tastes really good!!