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Azienda Agricola, Capra Contenta, Cresmino, CH-6654 Cavigliano

The little self-service shop

Our products are almost all sold via direct marketing.
In the valley of Onsernone, in Cresmino 2 km near Cavigliano there is a little wooden-made mini-house - our shop! Self-service is the best way to sell our products to interested customers, because we are all the season with our animals in the mountains. Shop
In the shop there is a fridge, which is filled depending of the month with goat-cream-cheese, "büscion" and the harder normal goat-cheese or sometimes with meat and sausages of our pigs and goats. You find next to the fridge other products like honey or "vino de noce".
Almost ten month in the year we are open every day. You select, what you want and then put the money into the cashier. That's how it works and we hope our trust in our customers will be honored by honesty.
The demand is big enough to sell all our cheese on this way.

There isn't any cheese! - Why??
Of course it can happen, that there is something missing. That's a pitty and has following reasons:
It may be in a time of the year when the goats won't give enought milk for cheese. That might be in Oktober during the time they are pregnant till the birth of their lambs in February. Then the milk will be needed by their lambs. After eastern the production of cheese starts. Then you will find the cream cheese in the fridge there. The harder cheese needs 4 weeks to mature and therefore can be found about one month after easter-time. But in main season it can happen that there is not any cheese either, too. That's because we do not come down all the way to the valley every day and it is hard to know in front how many cheese will be sold.
Meat and sausages you will only find after slaughtery in late summer, in autumn and winter.
Pesto is made fresh from the forest and garden. You will find it from summer to autumn.

It's not possible for us to send our cheese within the country or outside.

Please understand!