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Meat and sausages
meat of pigs, goats or our ticino sausage-specialities are all of our alp-animals, which were taken care of with much love and which could run free on the fields and woods in the mountains. Our pigs are really happy here: They play in the mud, bath in the river and drink the rest of the whey which is not needed anymore after making cheese. They are fed with healthy corn. The live-quality of the animals you can see at the quality of the meat. - Meat and sausages, which you eat with a good feeling.

Our butcher works with a traditional ticino receipe and makes delicious sausages

from the pigs:
- Salametti
- Salami
- Mortadelle
- Luganigette (a ticino sausage which has the lenght of an metre)
- Codighe
- Bacon
- Gammon

At slaughtery-season we also sell meat which is ordered: joint to filet.

Specialities made of goat-meat - something special:
Violini - goat-salametti
- violins (airdried goat-drumsticks)
- cicitt (trad. ticino goat-BBQ-sausages)

we are only able to sell a small amount of them, because we only kill animals, which are older and don't give that much milk anymore. Goat-meat products are classicaly sold in autumn and winter therefore.

Our goat-lamps are grewed up in a warm and friendly cot with much love and care fed with their mother's milk (that's not everywhere normal) and then slaughtered and sold for easter-joint (a trad. delicatess here in Ticino)before the rest of the herd moves up into the mountains for summer-season. The meat is usually sold as one piece or half a lamb. It's ordered and lambs are slaughtered after being ordered by private customers and sold fresh and directly.

Our thoughts about slaughtery.