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Pesto and nut-liquoir - handmade

Gladly are bought also our house-made Pesto and our home-made Nussliquoir, which are likewise manufactured in manual work by us.

The fresh Pesto
Depending upon season we make Pesto of bear allium, Rucola and Basilikum. We harvest the bear allium in the wood of the valley of Maggia and Rucola and Basilikum in the garden to be biologically cultivated. The herbs are harvested, read out, washed and cut completely finely by hand in laborious detailed work. (In the mixer the fine structure of the herbs and their flavour would be destroyed.) In addition come Parmesan-cheese, good olive oil, garlic and spices. Everything freshly filled up in glasses, cooled it a durability of approx. one month. - A herb dream! To a plate Pasta a great and simply prepared court. - And no comparison to the pre-prepared and utra-high-tempered pesto of the supermarket!

Vino di Noce Vino di noce
The still green Baumnüsse is harvested in June and set with sugar in wine and Grappa. During the three-month ripe time in the cellar regularly one agitates and one filters then several times thoroughly and one fills up in bottles. A delicious aperitif or Dessertwein, which carries the flavour of the Sommernüsse in itself. More easily and more fruchtiger than the classical Tessiner Nocino, which is manufactured on pure Grappa basis.

goat skins
We sell skins of our goats in various colors.
Vino di Noce Vino di Noce

Did you already try our wonderful Pesto? Or our Nussliquoir " Vino di Noce"? Then you go past nevertheless once and enjoy your vacation with handmade deliciousnesses, which find you only here!