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Azienda Agricola, Capra Contenta, Cresmino, CH-6654 Cavigliano

Our little goat alp
Capra Contenta
the happy goat

A small goat alp in the Ticino with an old stone-built summer-alp in the Centovalli and the winter-farm "Cresmino" in the valley of Onsernone.
Our goats enjoy the freedom of the mountains and come back voluntarily every day for milking.
There are about 50 goats of different races plus the males and the young goat-kids, which we attend all with much love.
Our pigs and some chickens like it to be at the fields, too.
We manufacture the cheese of the milk of the goats in the traditional way. You may buy it together with other products in our little self-service shop near Cavigliano.

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Our goal is it, to live with respect for the life and in the rythm of the nature. This is the way we can meet the needs of our animals the best way and how we have the satisfying work of producing and selling high-quality food.